Join the National Rendezvous and Living History Foundation for the
2012 Eastern
Primitive Rendezvous
Sept. 21-29, 2012
1315 E. Rusk Road, Troy, Ohio

Rodd Pederzani

Mark Rebres

Brenda Seitz

Vicki Johnson

due Aug. 21, 2012

Please register in advance
if possible. It helps with
deciding on number of
port-a- johns, amount of
wood and food needed,
and other decisions.

--NMLRA members and
spouse or significant other
- $45 each
--Non-members - $55 each
--Children 17 and younger -
--Dependants 18 and older
- $22.50 each
--Registration at gate - add
$10 per adult
--Early set-up fee - $5/day
per adult if not
--Trader fee - $35
--Commercial blanket
trader - $10

For a printable registration
form from the NRLHF
click here.

Mail completed registration
form with a check made
out to NRLHF to:

PO Box 376
Hershey PA, 17033

To register online, visit and click on
"Eshop" in the right
column. You may pay
through a Paypal account.  
Your paperwork will be
waiting for you at the gate,
or better yet, fill out a
registration form and take
it with you.

For more registration
information, contact

Fax: 717-312-1971
Mike Jamison

Gate Captain -
Mary Beth Aust-Keefer

Watch Captain -
Ed Skidmore II

Seminar Mistress -
Suzanne Hoelscher

Trade Captain -
Bruce Richmond

First Aid -
Gale Baird
Rhonda Burgess
Gloria Brown

Food Captain -
Joe Py

Horse Camp Captain -
Pat Lipps

Gun Range Captain -
Jim Holmes

Hawk Knife Captain -
Kirk Hawkins

Archery Captain -
Michael Hoelscher

Artillery Captain -
Jim Russ

Highland Games Captain -
Jim Russ

Ladies' Games Captain -
Claire Moore

Children's Games Captain -
Lisa Hrinko

Entertainment Captain -
Steve Keefer

Tavern  Mistress -
Bonita Tittle

School Tours Captain -
Deb Cassady

Camp Chef -
Gene Pederzani

Chaplain -
Mike Kaufman

Lantern Tours -
Dave and Mary Lou
To keep up to date and join the planning excitement, please join
us on our Facebook page by clicking
Current donor list

Thank you!!! to these
merchants who donated prizes
or other items to the Eastern ...

If you donated something but
aren't on the list, please let  Rodd,
Mark, Vicki or Brenda know. ... Or if
you have a correction to your
business name or spelling please
email Vicki. We want to make sure
we get them on the list correctly!

If you would like to be added to the
list by donating a prize, please let
us know!!!

Staff members: If you have
donors who are not on this list,
please let Vicki know ASAP.

Thanks you for the use of your
Jeff and Jodi Cron
Melvyn and Marilyn Roeth
Dave and Teresa Hembrey

And thank you!! to these
donors of prizes or other items:

Apple Cart Creations
Bethel Forge
Black Feather Forge
Box Maker
Brandenburg Storehouse
Brian Spieldinner
Bull Mountain Weaving
Carolyn Smith-Kizer
Channel 5 public TV
Chowding Jewelers
Cooperman History Lives
Cumberland Trail Trade Co.
Custom Silver
Dickman's Knives and Horns
Dirk & Thistle
Eileen Doyle
Emile LiBorge
Farnsworth and Compagnie,
Flaming Paws Traders
Flying Canoe Traders
Franklin Candles
Greg Waldron
H & B Forge
Heim Trade Co.
Heritage Products
Historical Clothing Seamstress
Images of the Past
Jan Zender
Jim Johnson
Karen and Lilly Fuller
Kentucky Leather & Hides
Kim Thomas
Log Cabin Shop
Longhunter Leather
M. Devereaux
MacGregor Historic Games
Masters in Wrought Iron
Miami County Visitors
& Convention Bureau
Michael Lea & Daughter
- Gunsmiths
Michigan Treenware
Mike's Quality
MT Forge
Muzzle Blasts
Neal Armstrong
Northwest Traders
Ohio Valley Peddler
Old Time Music
Panther Primitives
Pecatonica River
Perry Riley
Poppin Mocs
Primitive Creations
R & R
RE  Davis
Red Bear Trading
Rendezvous Ohio
Richard Heineke
Richard Miller
Simple Soapworks
Smiling Fox Forge
Spring Valley Lodges
Sticks & Stones
Swamp Fox
Tartan Mouse
The Jag Shop
Time Traveling
Wallie World - Dan'l Cain
Ward's Coppershop
Will Smith
Wm. Booth Draper
Wooden Spoons and More
These vendors pre-registered
to attend ...

1. Baby's Fry Bread (food)
- Elisa Johnson
2. Basket Bob
- Robert Williams
3. Blacksmoke Forge
- Hank Steinmetz
4. Blue Creek Traders
- Clint Livingston
5. Bob Taylor
6. Bob'n
7. Boxmaker
- Dave & Mary Lou Pitney
8. Bull Mountain Weaving
- Nancy Dawdy
9. Campau Trading Co.
- Ronald Nanzer
10. Carolina Calicos
- Wade Reynolds
11. Common Ground Pottery
- Amanda Lipps
12. Cooperstown Trading Post
- Eugene Nagel
13. Corum Knives
- Gary Corum
14. Daniel Boone of Kentucky
- Steven Caudill
15. Dennis Priddy
16. Denver Wilson
17. cancellation
18. Farnsworth and Compagnie,
- Robert Van Rens
19. Flintlocks Only
- Tim Cornick
20. Golden Swans Sweets
& Treats
- Cynthia Banta
21. Grubby's
- Bill Catt
22. Guns & Capotes
- William Karl
23. Joan Hensley
24. Jodi Cron (landowner
running general store)
25. Kentucky Leather & Hide
- Penny Wayne
26. Many Hands
- Tony & Val Galantino
27. Mark Thomas
28. McDuffie's Trade Store
- Anny Williamson
29. Moore's Primitives
- Brian Moore
30. Mountain Forge
- Tom Muschlitz
31. Northwest Traders
- Paul Mueller
32. Ohio Valley Peddler
- Michael Pullins
33. Ohio Valley Traders
- Adam Krenz
34. Panther Primitives
- Sam & Theresa Darby
35. Poppen Mocs
36. Raven's Nest Black Powder
- Robert Allen
37. Ray O'Neill
38. Ridge Runner Canvas
- Steve Johnson
39. Robert Adams
40. Ruth Sypian
41. Sally's Primitives
- Dawn Lowman
42. Sitting Fox Custom
- Ray Franks
43. Smiley Joe's (food)
- Joe Py
44. Sprinkle Pottery Studio
- Steve Sprinkle
45. Squirrel Town Traders
- Debbie Woods
46. Stitcher's Cabin
- Tim & Sharon Milligan
47. Sunbury Merchant
- Allen & Verna Benslay
48. Ruth Sypian
49. Tender Ties
- Ruth Charlier
50. Time & Again Living History
- Ava Francesca
51. Ward's Coppershop
- Tom & Sherry Ward
52. West Fork Forge
- Glenn McClain
53.  Zettlemoyer’s  Pottery
- Tammy Zettlemoyer

Vendors whose information we have
received since the pre-reg deadline:

1. Quill Woman
- Maggie Schaller
2. Ram & Poni (food)
- Dean Ramponi
3. Silver Butterfly
- Angela Jacobi (silversmith)
4. Michael Lea & Daughter
- Gunsmiths
5. Masters in Wrought Iron
- Kim Thomas and Pat Livengood
6. Michigan Treenware
- Carolyn Smith-Kizer

Any other vendors who plan to
register at the gate,
email Vicki and
I'll add you to the list ...
The 2012 Eastern Primitive Rendezvous has come and
gone ... much too quickly.

We, the staff, sincerely hope everyone had a great

The location for the 2013 Eastern is yet to be finalized.
We will let you know the location and dates as soon as
we find out.

Thanks for a great event!! Hope to see you next year ...
Here is a sketch of the
site done by our talented
booshway, Rodd
Pederzani. Hopefully I
made it easier to read
than the previous version.
This is as large as I can
make it in the current
website format.

It is not to scale, but will
give you an idea of the
site layout and where you
can expect to find
different areas.

Please note: Due to the
layout, many
knowledgeable volunteers
were concerned we would
not have enough
short-term camp sites.
So, we (the staff) decided
to make all the areas
open to everybody.

Please note that after
opening ceremonies
vehicles will be able to
enter camp only between
8-9 a.m. (and must leave
by 10 a.m.) and 4-5 p.m.
(and must leave by 6
p.m.) Please plan

Gate hours are 8 a.m.-6
p.m. for setup days
Wednesday, Thursday
and Friday.